Baby Stuff Must Haves: The Game-Changers

I have done a post on general baby registry essentials, and I made a point to keep it to the absolute ESSENTIALS. There are so many products out there it can be totally overwhelming as a first time mom trying to figure out what you actually need, and what’s just plain over-the-top. THIS list contains the specific items that I could’ve probably lived without, but I would never want to.Without further ado, here is my list of life-changing (literally) baby products that will rock your mommy world:


Halo Sleep Swaddle:

In the first few months of baby’s life, her startle reflex would’ve probably kept her awake half the night if it weren’t for this magical swaddle. You can buy plain swaddling blankets to do the same thing if you’re a professional swaddler, but I definitely am not. Also, when baby learns to roll you can tuck the wrap under their arms so it’s an easy transition out of the swaddle and into plain old jammies! Find this cutie baby burrito here.

Hushh Portable White Noise Machine:

I have heard so many mamas rave about white noise, and I’ll be honest I didn’t totally buy it until I experienced it’s magic for myself. At about 4 weeks old, baby was in the middle of an inconsolable crying fit when I finally decided to download a white noise app on my phone and give it a whirl. Almost as soon as I turned it on, she stopped crying and fell asleep. No lie. So that afternoon I went out and bought this awesome little gadget. This one is tiny and portable which is AWESOME because we take it everywhere. You can find it here.


I have raved about the Dock ATot in previous posts. This is the ultimate go-anywhere item for baby sleep, as well as a safe play space for small babies. It also served as a KILLER sleep training tool for my little one to transition into her crib. It’s soft and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. We’ve used it for sleepovers, playtime and it’s GREAT for naps when we’re out (friends, grandparents, boating, picnics, church… I could go on). As long as I have babies under a year old, I will always have a DockATot <3 you can find them here!


I mentioned a swing on my essentials list, and there are a variety of swings on the market to choose from. I added the Mamaroo to the game-changers list because I think that the Mamaroo specifically changed the game for a number of reasons. I have a baby that gets bored very easily, and there are about 20 combinations of speed and motion you can choose from on the Mamaroo. Also, the Mamaroo takes up about half the space of most of the swings you can buy. Space saver for the win! You can find our favorite gray one here.

Kickee Pants Swaddle Blanket:

We got this as a gift from my cousin and at first we just thought it was an adorable burp cloth… #rookieparents. Once we figured out what it was ACTUALLY for, it quickly became baby’s absolute favorite. We take it everywhere. She takes every nap with it. It’s soft and cuddly, but it stretches so we can wrap her up so she’s nice and cozy, but she can still wiggle around. It literally feels like a hug. We have since ordered several more Kickee Pants swaddle blankets and we’re sooo in love. Find these adorable blankies here!

Dr. Browns:

These bottles are GOLD for fussy, colicky, spit-upy babies who eat too fast and love to gulp air. We tried every bottle under the sun (well, at least that’s how it felt) and none of them compare to Dr. Browns. There are a lot of bottles out there that claim to help with colic, but in my experience this is the only one that works. I’m not saying that this bottle in itself cured colic altogether, but it helped tremendously. The bottle comes with a little vent that pulls the bubbles away from the nipple and back to the bottom of the bottle so baby swallows less air. The nipple is also a perfect size for baby’s mouth to fit all the way around without any room in the corners for air to sneak in. It’s not glamorous, and it’s a little extra work to clean, but trust me it’s worth it. You can find them here.

Rock ‘n Play:

Ahh the Rock ‘n Play. Ours served as a bassinet, portable seat, baby soother, and much more. I tried to go for multi-use products wherever I could to eliminate the need for every baby product under the sun. For us, this took the place of the bouncy seat and bassinet. It’s lightweight and portable and it’s SO cozy for baby. The one we have also has an auto-rocking feature so it’s the perfect baby soother! You can find it here.

Boon Grass:

I absolutely hate having cluttered kitchen countertops. HATE IT. Sooo despite all of the wonderful things I heard about Boom Grass, I refused to register for it because I couldn’t stand the thought of having an unnecessary eye sore next to my kitchen sink. Well, long story short, I caved when baby was about a month old and it’s been sitting next to my kitchen sink ever since. All of the little parts sit perfectly to dry and they stick in the “grass” so they’re not rolling away to be lost forever. Love it. This is the one we have!

Colic Calm:

This stuff is magic. In the very first month or two, baby was super fussy and gassy and at times inconsolable (I believe it had something to do with my breast milk because it almost disappeared when we switched to formula). The pediatrician suggested that we try Mylicon gas drops, but when I went to the store I found this natural alternative close by. The reviews were awesome, so we have it a shot. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING. It saved us many hours of sleep. Find these little drops of gold here.

12 Hours By 12 Weeks:

I saved the best for last. Of all the stuff we have for baby, I wouldn’t trade ANYTHING for this book. It is the sleep training bible and it helped hubby and I keep our sanity. The author, Suzy Giordiano, is brilliant. This strategy is painless, almost tearless, and just plain genius. I am now buying it for every friend who has a baby. This had my little peanut sleeping 12 hours through the night since she was about 11 weeks old. She’s now almost six months old and she hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night since. 12 hours. Every night. GET. THIS. BOOK. (find it here lol)



Nose Frieda:

This thing is pretty awesome. It’s totally gross in concept, but trust me.. when you’re trying to rescue baby from a sad snotty nose, you’ll try anything. Those little aspirator bulbs didn’t work for us, so the Nose Frieda was a Godsend.

Well, there it is. The Holy Grail of baby stuff. I hope this helps some of you new mamas (and maybe even some veteran mamas) out there! Thanks so much for reading and stay tuned for more mama discoveries!!! <3 Lexi


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