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Welcome to Maternity League!

I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY where I still reside with my amazing hubby, Bill, our beautiful baby girl Isla, and our Weimaraner, Johnny Cash (aka Crash, Cash Money, YMCMB, or just plain old Cash for short). Bill and I met in college, were married a few years later, and welcomed our first beautiful baby girl, Isla, in early 2017 and #2 will arrive in May 2018! Soon after Isla arrived, Bill and I decided that I would be quitting my full-time job and taking on the role of full-time mommy for her and all future bambinos (we’re going for an army). Soon after making that decision, I started itching for a creative outlet….

I am a Digital Marketing strategist by trade, with an educational background in marketing. I have spent the last five years of my professional career building brands and helping businesses “get found” online. I’ve worked on hundreds of blogs for clients, but never took the time to venture my own. Alas! An opportunity to get the creative juices flowing, interact with other moms and chronicle the crazy life of a stay-at-home mama! It’s like the blogging profession was made for me.

I believe there is a solution for every problem if you just look hard enough. I am eternally curious and a problem solver by nature, so I have channeled these two personality characteristics into a full-time job finding ways to master some of the everyday challenges of motherhood.  I believe motherhood is a blessing and too many new moms get stuck in a rut, simply accepting this season as a sleep-deprived, low self esteem, disheveled and disorganized chapter in their lives  and count on spending the better part of a decade chasing their tails.  I believe with the use of a few handy tools and a little forethought, this season in motherhood can be the most magical season of them all. My mission is to create a blueprint to help streamline motherhood and put systems in place for many of the challenges modern moms face: from maintaining health and managing energy levels to mastering a method to keep a clean home.  All of which are vitally important for our health, our sanity and our growing families.

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more adventures in #momlife mastery!

<3 Lexi